The Furry Day Carol

This is a traditional English carol for the May Day festivities, probably dating back to the 16th century. (I have no idea why May Day would be referred to as "furry".)

The MIDI arrangement follows the style of the British folk-rock bands of the 60s, and attempts to evoke images of merry Morris dancers and maypoles. The arrangement is for fiddle, pennywhistle, squeezebox, electric lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar, electric bass, and drum kit ... with Morris-like percussion thrown in.

For the latter effects, I've used percussion patches that go beyond the General MIDI assortment. Track 11 is intended to be bells, and track 12 sticks. If this isn't what your synth plays, you can either mute those tracks, or assign appropriate patches.

This sequence uses an expanded pitch bend range, so be sure to hit that "RESET" button if you don't play it all the way through.

click for MIDI reset