Dennis Doody's Polka

This is a traditional Irish polka, with an AABB structure ... simpler than its Eastern European counterpart, but having the usual 2/4 beat.

I found this tune at Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes website. Henrik's site is a marvelous collection of traditional melodies and folk tunes. The site offers the ABC format of melody transcription to ASCII text, as well as GIF images of the sheet music.

This MIDI arrangement is Irish session-style, for fiddle, pennywhistle, and mandolin, backed by rhythm guitar. For the mandolin, I used two tracks of acoustic steel-string, at the appropriately higher pitch of a mandolin ... this seems to give a truer sound than the mandolin GS bank, at least on my synth.

This sequence uses an expanded pitch bend range, so be sure to hit that "RESET" button if you don't play it all the way through.

click for MIDI reset