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Sonata in C Minor, L'Allemande
Opus 8, no. 3 for two flutes
by Nicholas Chédeville (1705-1782)
Prélude - Lentement    (CHED3A.MID)
L'Impératrice - Légèrement    (CHED3B.MID)
La Palatine, Musette - Nonchalamment    (CHED3C.MID)
Gavotte I (allemande); Gavotte II    (CHED3D.MID)
Menuet (allemande)    (CHED3E.MID)
Sarabande    (CHED3F.MID)
Rondeau - Légèrement    (CHED3G.MID)

Nicholas Chédeville was kin to the Hotteterre family of wind instrument makers and players around 18th century France. He was oboist and flutist at the opera in Paris, and published many scores for wind instruments.

This sonata is from the collection "Les Galanteries Amusantes, Sonates a deux Musettes", Opus 8. The title alleged a German style, and many of the movements have a canonic sort of structure, where the two parts play the same lines, but offset by a measure.

This sequence uses the default pitch bend range. But if you don't play the file all the way through, then hit that old reset button anyhow ... just to clear other possible parameters which may affect how the next file is played.

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