Aki no Koto no Ha

This sequence is the song by the 19th century Japanese composer Nishiyama Tokumoto.

The entire piece is arranged for two kotos and voice. Since vocals are not possible with MIDI, I've substituted a shakuhachi patch for the vocal part.

The song has a short instrumental introduction, then the main vocal section, followed by a lengthy instrumental break for two kotos (the tegoto); a concluding vocal section finishes the piece. The song is unusual, in that the composer used a key change in the middle of the tegoto. The tempo slows considerably, allowing the musicians time to adjust the bridges and retune the kotos in mid-performance.

This sequence is based on a transcription by Bonnie C. Wade in her book, Tegotomono (Greenwood Press, 1976).

This sequence uses an expanded pitch bend range, so be sure to hit that "RESET" button if you don't play it all the way through.

click for MIDI reset